About Us

What we're trying to fix

New creators face several barriers to entry due a lack skills and resources. There's a heavy monopoly on knowledge, information and key content production resources (equipment, creative services etc) Africa is a unique landscape, information and education available fromĀ  MOOC's offer solutions that may not be applicable to our market conditions.

Our Solution

The idea was driven by the need for innovation in the creative industry and to decentralise the monopoly of information, knowledge available.

We're passionate about positively inspiring and building a community of creators, That's why we're enabling a classifieds marketplace where you easily access resources like equipment and production services.

Justproduce.it provides a learning centre which offers specific courses and educational content tailored to our local landscape, with the aim of helping students launch into the creative market within the shortest possible time. The courses will be provided by seasoned and reputable industry practitioners.

Justproduce.it combines everything you need to get started with your creative journey into one simple but powerful platform. We're also supporting this with a robust content system packed with free inspiring and engaging content to support the community

Open Beta